Case Study: How One Company Used Canva to Increase Their Social Media Engagement by 1100%

Posted on February 28, 2017

Conversational is a virtual receptionist provider for small businesses and startups. Their receptionist team remotely answer calls, manage appointments, and take messages for business owners.

Conversational uses Canva to support their marketing and content strategies. It’s working – since posting with Canva images that grab their audience’s attention, the company has seen a 1100% increase in engagement on social media and more website traffic than ever.

Conversational’s Marketing Director, Debra Carpenter, tells us about the ways Canva is helping them gather more meaningful results from their marketing campaigns and build a better, more engaging relationship with their audience.

01. How long has Conversational been using Canva’s tools to create images and graphics?

We’ve been using Canva as our go-to tool for graphic design for the last year or so. I used the tool for graphic design work as a freelancer before coming on to work at Conversational.

Over time we’ve found more and more ways to use the images we create and turn some of them into important parts of our evergreen content. Hiring someone to do that amount of work for us on a freelance or full-time basis would’ve been really costly. We use Canva because it’s free aside from the premium elements and full of design options and ready-to-use templates.

Canva - image for social media 01Canva - image for social media 02Canva - image for social media 03

02. What kinds of designs do you create most often? Do you use certain templates more than others?

We use these three design templates about 80% of the time: The blog title template, Facebook post template, and Twitter post template. Every blog post looks more professional and well-done with a custom, branded title image at the top, and the drag and drop function makes it easy to throw a blog post title image together quickly. The Facebook and Twitter post templates get the proportions just right so the images aren’t cropped in weird places when they post.

The infographic template is another good one, and all the ready-made designs give us inspiration for our own ideas if we don’t use them as-is. We pick a template we like, change the colors, adjust the font, and make it “look” like the Conversational brand.

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