How YouTube Vloggers Are Changing The Travel Industry

Posted on April 26, 2017

In the last four years, travel content registered a consistent growth. Travellers share their stories on social media, constantly producing high quality videos, pictures, and diaries.

Engaging with travel influencers became an effective way for companies within the travel industry to build brand awareness, and for Tourist boards to promote new destinations.

48% of users choose Instagram to discover new travel destinations, whereas 52% were inspired by their friends’ Facebook posts to book new travels.  However, video is the present and future of content marketing, and this is further shown by the graph below: In 2020, brands are expected to spend up to $28 billion in video marketing strategies.


In the last few years, online video content became very powerful in the travel and hospitality industry. People like watching Youtube videos before taking a trip to collect general ideas, reviews, but most of all, they like hearing real-life stories and connecting with creators.

According to Think with Google, travel vlogs, get 4x more social engagement (likes, comments, shares, favourites and subscriptions) than other types of travel content on YouTube.


The Google report also states that travel vloggers attract 48% of subscriptions on YouTube, while travel brands get only 19%. People trust amateurs, they believe in their opinion and in the sense of authencity of their contents.

Nowadays, “amateurs” does not necessarily mean blurred pictures and shaky videos. Travel vloggers are talented and professional video makers that use the most sophisticated equipment expertly. Each Travel channel has its own personality, some youtubers prefer long haul and exotic travels, and some describe the hustle and bustle of living in the biggest cities in the world. Some of them focus on experiencing new cuisines and local cultures, and some others shares their big and sometimes risky adventures in the most evocative destinations.

Find five of the most popular and talented Travel vloggers here.

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